Who were these women? March 26, 2015 18:32 3 Comments

They were young, beautiful and totally inexperienced in the ways of  manufacturing. They were expected to stay at home and raise families and let their husbands bring home the paycheck. That was the way it was before the WW II. In 1936, 82% of all Americans believed that a woman shouldn't hold a job if her husband already had one. But four short years later, when WW II was started and we entered the war, the country had to turn to someone to fill the jobs that men were leaving. The burden fell predominantly on women. 

What women showed the world was that they were not only as good as the men they replaced, but in many instances...they were better. Better than men as welders?! As pipe welders?! As electricians and draftsmen?! In many cases they were but that did not guarantee them a permanent place of respect. They had to earn it. And earn it they did. And they are still earning and fighting for their place at the table.