Mariann Wynn was wanted by the Solano Sheriff's Office...for all the right reasons. July 10, 2018 10:27 13 Comments


On Monday afternoon, spunky 92-year-old Fairfield resident Marian Wynn, accidentally left her purse on the trunk of her car. She carefully retraced her steps without luck and immediately called the Sheriff’s Office to report the purse, her credit cards and checkbook as lost.



While Deputies Taylor and Todd were taking the report, Marian received word that a good Samaritan had located her purse and all of the contents on the side of the road. The good Samaritan, who wished to remain anonymous, happily dropped off the purse and even refused to take a $20 reward!



But this was just the beginning of this story….



Marian was so ecstatic that her belongings had been located and returned by an honest Solano County resident that she shared stories with the deputies about her childhood and the expectations instilled in her to be honest and to always have a strong work ethic in life. This lead her in 1945, at 18 years old, to join the original “Richmond Rosies”, aka-“Rosie the Riveter”.



Marian worked at the Kaiser Richmond Shipyard #3 and for the first time in US history, Marian and her friends became journeyman welders, pipe welders, draftsman, and electricians. The Rosie’s built ships, big ones and lots of them!



Unknown to Marian, Solano County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers were already planning this Wednesday’s appreciation luncheon with a “Rosie the riveter” theme. Knowing this, deputies invited the last four remaining “Richmond Rosies” to attend as our special guests.



We are looking forward to hearing more stories from 92-year-old Marian, and fellow “Rosies” 92.5 year old Marian (yes, there are two!) and 94-year-old Kay at the annual Napa-Solano Dispatcher’s Association Luncheon.