SIERRA HOTEL PRODUCTIONS LLC is owned by Ken Stewart, who also develops and produces the content for sale here.

Ken is a multi-award winning writer-producer-director who began his film career as a senior creative marketing executive for  Paramount Pictures. After nearly four years at Paramount Pictures, he segued to Columbia Pictures where he assumed the role of Senior Vice-President, Director of Creative Services for the film division.

His theatrical marketing career at both major studios spanned ten years and included such movie openings as:  “Terms of Endearment”, “Star Trek”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, and  “Stand By Me”. During this time period  he created  the  first-ever musical film trailers for  “Footloose”“Officer and A Gentleman”  and "Flashdance” which aired on MTV and won Billboard’s music trailer of the year and helped the Soundtrack album go Platinum.


After Ken left the studio system, he formed his own entertainment marketing and production company: Sierra Hotel Productions LLC. While at the helm of the company he  continued to market  films and also expanded his creative  reach into television broadcast  marketing and production.  Along with the marketing of major films he created syndicated launch campaigns for the hit series “Everybody Loves Raymond”, as well as “Seinfeld”; both shows licensing at historic highs.

Ken then entered the brand product commercial arena  when he was hired by Coca Cola  to develop a new advertising concept for Coca Cola Classic. He conceived, wrote, produced and directed, the landmark Coca-Cola Polar Bears advertising campaign that has run worldwide for over twenty years. and become an advertising icon for several generations.


The original Polar Bear spot  was designated  as one of Advertising Age's: TOP 50 Commercials in the last One Hundred Years,  voted one of  USA Today's top 20 commercials, chosen as Video Storyboard's Best Commercial in 1994,  designated one of Adweek's Top 10 Commercials in the last Fifty Years, won the Hugo Silver Award,  was the first  CGI spot to win the coveted ASIFA award, and won the Mobius First Place Award.  To top it off , the world famous Polar Bear campaign was installed into the Library of Congress in November of 2000.



Hoggin All the Covers



He directed a twelve camera shoot for “The Band From TV”  (Greg Grunberg, Hugh Laurie, James Denton, Bob Guiney, and Bonnie Summerville) fo2 Disc/13 music videos collector’s set of “Hoggin All the Covers” .






He was Executive Producer of Season 2 for “America’s Dumbest Criminals” , and co-wrote and produced various other tv specials.


In 2012, he Executive Produced “Crowsnest”,  an independent low-budgeted, found-footage, horror film;  that is being distributed by IFC.

And in 2015, he just completed his first self-financed, produced, directed, written, edited, and narrated  documentary entitled: “The Richmond Rosies”.  A 44 minute documentary that highlights five women who were Rosies (short for Rosie the Riveter).

These women were part of a vanguard of women during WW II, who left their homes, and for the first time in our nation's history, took jobs that were once the exclusive domain of men. These were the women who built ships. Big ones. And lots of them. 

Between 1942-1945 they helped build 747 Victory and Liberty ships at the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, CA. At that time it was the largest shipyard in the world. And the five women in this film became electricians, pipe welders, certified journeyman welders, and draftswomen. By the end of the war,  women made up sixty percent of Kaiser's workforce; which included the shipyard in Swan Island, Oregon.

He made this film to honor the American women who helped this country win a victory for the country and themselves as well.  They helped give birth to a new, and very independent American woman.

In March 2014, they were invited to the White House and honored by the Vice President and President for their service to the country. 

Ken is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Directors Guild of America, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Publicist Guild. He resides in Beverly Hills, California.